1. I am creating a counseling organization to help others in the community whom struggle with disabilities. Please help our cause by donating today! https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/c7y3/let-us-build-together

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  4. Please support the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

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    The Juppy Baby Walker Company is giving away one 

    "Blue Juppy Baby Walker" 

    to one lucky winner!

    The Juppy Baby Walker is a great invention, that will help with your baby's confidence and balance.  The Juppy Baby Walker is perfect for when your baby is strong enough to begin walking but not strong enough to walk alone.

    You can read my review about The Juppy Baby Walker here!

    -US resident only
    -To participate must me 18 years or older
    -Dates: July 8 12:01am to July 29 11:59pm
    -We Appreciate the support of our sponsor, please show your support by following them on Twitter or Facebook
    -All other entries are optional

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclosure: The Juppy Baby Walker will send prize to the winner. MommAtude is not responsible for prize. If you have any question please send an email to nysavingspecials@gmail.com.  All entries are optional, if you do any of the tasks you can collect the entries, but if the winner task is a task you did not complete, a second winner will be chosen.


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  7. B2S
    Uncreative Mommy is proud to bring you this years Back 2 School PayPal Cash Giveaway! I am looking for bloggers to help promote this event. Twitter links free with announcement! Links are $3 each Want to host a follow page? $10 each! Sign ups end June 28th Giveaway starts July 1st 12:01AM and ends July 14th 11:59PM Giveaway is open worldwide! Prize is $200 cash!
    Sign up here.
    Grab your announcement post here.
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  8. A Gazebo canopy will accent your patio!

    Dress Increase Patio which has a Gazebo Canopy

    Nothing says relaxation than a gazebo in the middle of beautiful trees and flowers. Using a gazebo nestled involving trees without neighbors and also the sounds of visitors a dream getaway. There is a place to enjoy warm summer days or nice breezy evenings. Techniques that you can dress up your gazebo and decorate it.
    Decorating your gazebo will prove to add character and personality with it. You can do small simple decorations or go over the top to generate your gazebo stick out and demand attention. Make use of your personality and style outdoors for your gazebo and make a private back yard that leaves your pals, family and guests breathless.

    Simple additions for your gazebo:


    You can contribute simple plants around your gazebo to add a simple design. You don’t call for a green thumb. Simple plants like ivy, fern, natural aloe vera and a palm tree are excellent choices for plants. They are easy to care for. Don’t worry that they will take a considerable amount of time to maintain as they don’t. They require some sunlight and plenty of water. Just simple plants can adjust the look of an ordinary gazebo. They bring the greenery inside and around your gazebo. You can hang some plants around your gazebo and place a couple across the gazebo. This will add a simple decoration in addition to beauty.


    There are plenty of types of candles in the marketplace. You can choose candle that doesn't only is fairly and decorative, and also puts off a unique scent. The scents that candles have are almost amazing. You can choose the oceans breeze, hot apple pie, chocolate cookies and even the odor of rainy day. Picking out a candle starts with the color you use in your gazebo area. Match the candles in your décor. The candle holders are decoration all by themselves. You'll find brass, glass, pillars and all sorts of types of candle holders and bases to choose from. Select the holder that may will make an argument. You can set the candles on the patio table and make up a centerpiece with these. You can set the candles round the floor with the patio beneath your gazebo to generate light and depth. You are able to hand a candle from your gazebo for additional light in the evenings. You can also choose candles that have pest repellent included so you don’t need to panic about bugs. Well isn't candles offered so much?


    Throw pillows are an extra addition to any gazebo. They bring about a sense of comfort and residential to any gazebo. Give a throw pillow to chairs and loungers. Mix and match the colors so that you add personality for your gazebo. Everybody loves the look and feel that a throw pillow may bring to an back yard.

    Top it off

    Top up your decorating with your gazebo canopy. There are many canopies you could choose from. You'll be able to choose from a modern day look or simply a simple look and style. You can add screening in your canopy to help keep pets and children in and flies and bugs out. You can find all your canopy needs at www.lashop.com. The prices are unbeatable plus the selection. Irrespective of your style or preference, you will find exactly what you need there. Take your boring patio and dress it.


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  9. Click here to view this photo book larger
    Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.


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  10. Cable Turtle Organizer Review
    I love finding unique and clever products online! So, when I came across the Cable Organizer website, I knew that I would definitely love to review their products. I am grateful that Cable Organizer has given me an opportunity to share their wonderful Cable Turtle Organizer product with MommAtude readers!
    Working as a counselor, I often find it difficult to maintain organization in such a small office space. Having cords sticking out all around my desk can certainly make things look unprofessional. Cable Turtle Organizers are designed to manage and handle long electrical cords. Their size range from mini to large, and comes in several different colors. It can basically hold any type of cord from a USB cord, laptop cord, printer cord, etc. It is easy to access. All you will need to do is open it, wrap your cords around the middle of the organizer, and then close it. Just as simple as that!

     When I was asked to review the Cable Turtle Organizer, I wanted to see if it would truly help organize my desk and to assist me with hiding some of those ugly cords. And it did! It worked perfectly! I found the Cable Turtle Organizer to be very useful at work and at home.

     I give the Cable Turtle Organizer an A+ in the MommAtude review file! It’s easy to use, and will definitely help your space stay organized. I strongly recommend this product to all of my readers. To find out more about pricing and additional information on the Cable Turtle Organizer please visit http://www.cableorganizer.com/cable-turtle/ 


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